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small is good


if only we could be free of some U.S. building codes…

an interesting fact gleaned at tenement museum: the average 3 room apt was 330sf.  some of the ground floor units were 300sf.

this japanese house: 600sf

the carriage house in oakland: 380sf

my flat: 1600sf

brick house: 96sf on ground level, 80sf in mezzanine and loft

40′ shipping container: 293sf


Ellis Island

curved wall tile
curved wall tile
corner radiator
laundry sub panel
laundry sub panel. apparently the ellis island hospital was the best in the country- to nip those immigrant germs in the bud. the laundry was a huge element in germ control.
main hall
main hall


Unearthed at jobsite on kearny. What seemed to be an inkwell turned out to be a glue pot. a little on line research and i interpolated that the scant remaining painted label reads ‘diamond mucilage’. probably had a wood and/or cork stopper with brush.